We want to dedicate this website to the beardos of the world, people who not only have a beard, but also this beard is peculiar, and is accompanied by an original personality.

Why being a beardo is cool, and you know it.

What does beardo mean?

A beardo is a colloquial way of referring to a person with a beard, but the term has different uses and nuances depending on who uses it, and the time when it was used.

Today, with the hipster phenomenon raging, and with a more open-minded and tolerant population, which generally does not judge people by their physical appearance, a beardo is a person with a peculiar beard, who generally it is accompanied by a particular personality, profession or way of life.

Famous beardos

Here is a list of famous beardos. They are not selected for their way of thinking, or achievements made, just for being bearded, without judging anything else. Original people with original beards.

Charles Darwin beardo

Charles Darwin (1809-1882)

I want to put first place Charles Darwinm, one of the most famous beardos. Darwin was an English naturalist, known to be the father of the theory of biological evolution through natural selection.

In his time, due to his controversial theory, he was ridiculed in the press with cartoons that did not show him as half monkey, half man, caricature that was based on his peculiar beard, but whoever laughs now... Without a doubt is one of the best known scientists in history, and one of the best known beardos in history.


Walt Whitman beardo

Walt Whitman (1819-1928)

This American poet and journalist had it clear from the beginning, he was a beardo, and for twenty years he sported a very original beard.


W G Grace beardo

W. G. Grace (1848-1915)

This is another beardo from its origins, and as can be seen in this photograph, from a young age he had the famous beard that accompanied him all his life (although in this photo he does not also wear his unmistakable striped cap). For those who do not know, William Gilbert Grace was an English cricketer, and is considered the father of modern cricket


Brigham Young beardo

Brigham Young (1801-1877)

Mr. Young is primarily known for being the second president of the Mormon Church (officially named: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) during the years 1844 and 1877.

Although Brigham Young have a beard for most of his life, the beard in this photograph is an imposing beard that classifies him as a beardo pro. In fact, this peculiar beard may have given rise to one of his nicknames, the "American Moses" or the "Mormon Moise."


Che Guevara beardo

Che Guevara (1928-1967)

Who does not know Ernesto Che Guevara and his sparse beard, but no less original. It is clear that Che would have liked to have a thicker beard, but the long hair on the sides gave the sensation of being a continuity of the beard.

And who was Che Guevara besides the popular revolutionary, as an Argentine politician, writer and journalist, but above all that revolutionary to death. By the way, his most famous phrase "better to die standing than live on your knees" was actually used much earlier by Emiliano Zapata, but without a doubt Che popularized it much more. I rate Che Guevara as a beardo spirit, although his beard left much to be desired.


being a beardo is cool, and you know it


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